Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Would Anyone Start a Blog?

Tough economic times, a planet in turmoil, the resurgence (at least on paper) of the Yankees - in a world as unsettled and currently traumatic as this, why would anyone want to start a blog? Posting stories, ideas, thoughts, musings and factoids for everyone, or no one, to read? What's the point?

I'm not sure of the point, but I am sure of the motivation. That's been my thing since I was an all-star point guard on my 7th grade basketball team: motivation. I was a motivated basketball player in grade school, a motivated student in high school, a motivated public drinker in college, a motivated professional opera singer in my early 20's, a motivated journalist for the 3rd biggest newspaper in the country in my early 30's, and now I've found that after giving birth, my hubby and I have spawned a highly motivated little girl. So motivated, in fact, that she can stay up for 3 days straight, eating and crying. Incredible. Meantime, here's a pic of our sometimes-insatiable babe: