Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things I am thankful for:

TLove, G, my mom, my dad, C, S, C, c, M, the Gs, the Mcs, the Ls, my old friends, my newer friends, libraries, public parks, extra bold coffee, that God made it so that you don't have a cycle while you're breastfeeding, dark chocolate, running shoes, orthodics, strong legs, strong arms, T's legs, dark and stormies on the beach with my Mom, kleenex, fresh air, city living, God (can you be thankful for God?), opportunity, good books, new books, fun childrens books, newspapers, good writing, smiles from strangers, kind words from strangers, good people, strangers or not, MUSIC! the future, the past, good neighbors, good vibes, BEER! healthy babies, heathly everyone, different opinions, faith, cheese balls, renewed friendships, old cowboy boots, a mouse in the trap, the color green, the seasons, Puma, peanut butter...

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 16, 2009

G: Thanks so much Mom for that great walk today and for pointing out all the leaves and the colors. And thanks for taking me to that class even though I know you think it's sort of lame. And thanks for taking me to that garden and letting me walk all around. And thanks for introducing me to cheese. That was cool. Hey, and sorry about that gross diaper that got all over your jeans when you changed me in the park. ew. And thanks for always letting me have some of your water. I like drinking water from an adult cup. Thanks also for comforting me last night in the wee hours. Thanks for all this but I think I am now going to totally flip out in my crib- like possesed by the devil type flip out. Cause, that's just what I do.

M: Well G, it wouldn't be a real day with you without at least one major flip out. I am always very impressed with your determination and stamina. You know what you want and won't accept anything less! I think you are very cool, VERY cool. But God help the man who marries you.