Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 10 of my favorite things people have said to pregnant me

You look great!
You look tired!
You look exhausted.
You look green.
Are those your husband’s pants?
You look like you're about to pop!
My kid weighed 10 pounds. I should have had a c section. I tore A LOT.
And my personal favorite from a co-worker I hardly know:
Boy, you must really like to breed.

What were your favorite comments previously-pregnant or pregnant-peeps out there? This is where I am in my pregnancy! Just annoyed! I feel there are very well meaning-ed people out there who cross the line at times when it comes to conversing with a pregnant lady. And guys can be even weirder just by the way they look at a pregnant chick- like they can't decide if they want to protect her or seduce her.

Does being this pregnant feel a little like wearing a version of the Scarlet Letter? Pregnancy is no longer cute at this point.

I am clearly hormonal and tired. I am sure the non-pregnant me will soon think the pregnant me ridiculous.

But seriously, if I get into the elevator one more time and someone asks me my due date, I may lose it. Although I guess that's better than someone commenting on my breeding...


  1. "You haven't had that baby YET?!?" Really?
    "You CAN'T GET any bigger! But you look great. Really. You're all belly." Right. Thanks.
    "When are you due?" This is my fav coming from some random person I don't even know. Why ask? Are you going to file the info away and check up with me later when we randomly cross paths at Starbucks or Target?
    I am 38 weeks and CRANKY.

  2. I love the random people out there who think it is ok to touch.....

  3. "You're huge!" I hated that one. Clearly my belly was larger than normal, but I really took offense when someone implied that the rest of me was bizarrely enormous, too.

  4. I tried to explain to Evan how every person I walk by asks me anxiously "how are you feeling???" and when I reply with a simple "fine" or "great" (no matter how crappy I feel) they seem so let down. Like they want me to open up about the massive pain in my pubic bone or the lovely heartburn juices I've been swallowing all day long...while walking past them in the hallway or chatting it up at the bathroom sink. I am just not giving them the satisfaction in hopes that they'll stop asking me how I am about 35 times a day! It is getting old, people!